Acme Supreme Juicerator 5001 – Most Efficient Juicer

This model has been around for ages and ages. I think folks first started using it in the 70’s because I remember that a neighbor had one once. Even now by far it is still the most efficient juicer because the pulp the Acme produces is super dry in comparison to other juicers on the market. Classic case of oldie but a goodie!

Acme Juicerator
It is very noisy because the motor is very powerful, but it’s a good thing because really, this juicer seems to make more juice than even my Breville at home. It’s a very efficient juicer to use if you need to make juice for a lot of people because it’s very economical.
I have heard nothing but praise for its quality as the motor is very well designed and very sturdy. I have heard complaints about the filter sheets, because there are two types to choose from. The paper ones have to be replaced quite often, while the metal one doesn’t have to be, but must be washed thoroughly after every use.
Although it is so efficient, clean up is a hassle, which is why I opted for the Breville when I was looking for a juicer. It’s not certified dishwasher safe, and there are 5 parts to be cleaned by hand, which is time wasted, to me.
Economics vs. Time Efficiency
Ultimately the choice is up to you. If you need the extra juice, then by all means, wash the parts by hand and be able to make more juice. If you’re not the type who needs it, then by all means look elsewhere for your juicing solution.