Best Citrus Juicer

Citrus juicer is one of the most fundamental juicers. Why do you need one of it? You can always simply squeeze out the juice with your hands. However! Considering the heat of from your hands and the time taken, your brute force might have the enzymes and vitamins destroyed. So, just grab one of these juicers, and squeeze out the juice from your oranges and grapefruits around the cone in no time. Bon appétit! You have one of the most nutritious drinks in the world. Find out how to choose one here: How to Choose the Best Citrus Juicer
best citrus juicer
Why citrus juicer?
  • It’s simply simple to operate! Just ream out the juice with the cone and enjoy the refreshment.
  • One of the cheapest kinds of juicers.
  • Easy cleaning. Consisting merely a cone and a collector jug, cleaning one of these takes no longer than minute.
  • Light weight. Who would prefer to assemble and clean a bulky, heavy juicer?
  • Easy assemble. The assembly is nothing more that stacking up pieces of components.
  • Durable. Most juicers are made of non-oxidizing body that make tham last long, citrus juicer has 0 mechanical parts and gears thus gives a plus to its durability.
  • Portable. Its small and convenient size enable you to carry it to almost anywhere including outdoors so you can make some fresh juice picnicking.
  • Near soundless solution.
Why not?
  • Works only with citrus fruits, except pomelos(which is citrus fruit)…
  • Most models are manual, only some pricier ones are electrical automated.

Cuisinart CCJ-500 – Best Electric Citrus Juicer

Cuisinart CCJ-500
Get the most out of your oranges and lemons with this simple yet modernistic looking citrus juicer. It has not only an automatic reversing reamer but also a pulp spinning feature that yields more juice out of the pulp after you have finished juicing. With easy to disassemble and dishwasher safe parts, cleaning up couldn’t be easier.
Get this citrus juicer now while it is priced below $30.
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Black & Decker Citrus Juicer

Black & Decker CJ525 CitrusMate Plus Citrus Juicer
This unit is one of the simplest and most affordable electric citrus juicers. I highly recommend it due to its highly efficient Automatic self-reversing reamer which comes with with stirrer. Besides, this juicier comes at a very economical price which is below $20. With a capacity of more than a quart (34 ounces), this electric juicer can prepare family-size portions with little operator effort. Finally, there is a adjustable pulp control for you to regulate the ratio of pulp you want in the juice. This unit also comes with a variety of interchangeable cones of different sizes for different uses.
    • Black & Decker CJ525 Review
    • *Update* New model available: Black & Decker CJ625

Hamilton Beach 932 – Best Manual Citrus Juicer

Hamilton Beach 932 Commercial Citrus Juicer
Tired of squeezing and reaming the fruits one by one? Hamilton Beach 932 Commercial Citrus Juicer will certainly be you next business partner. This gigantic manual juicer is specialized to squeeze of whatever liquid inside your grapefruits, oranges and etc. Created with rack-and-pinion gearing that allows you to exert up to 2,000 pounds of pressure on the fruit and pulp itself for maximum juice extraction with minimal force applied. It also features a removable strainer cone for easy cleaning and a swing-out drip cup for small citrus fruits.
This best manual citrus juicer has a heavy-duty metal construction with acid-resistant chrome and enamel finishes. Also, it has a non-skid base for more stability during operation. I personally highly recommend this unit to cafés owner and restaurants’ entrepreneurs as it will certainly out perform any juicer out in the market with its high efficiency and blazing operation speed.
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My Quick Buying Guide:
1.Citrus juicer – A cheap and basic juicer that juices citrus fruits only. ($20 – $100)
2. Centrifugal juicer – The most common juicer around that juices most kinds of fruits and non-leafy vegetables. Very affordable at $50 – $200.
3. Masticating juicer – Single gear masticating juicer; juices most kinds of fruits and vegetables. Can also make mushy foods. ($100 – $350)
4. Triturating juicer – Twin gear triturating juicer; juices all kinds of fruits and vegetables, keeping more of the enzymes in the juice undamaged. Some of them can juice wheatgrass too. ($250 – $950)
5. Wheatgrass juicer – Usually juices wheatgrass only, but some newer models can juice fruits as well. ($200 – $800)