Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain – Best Budget Juicer

Since I’m using a Breville myself, it really is a slight bias I have because I had hoped that its sibling, the Breville Compact Juice Fountain would be nearly as good as it’s elder sibling. I bought this one for my mother’s birthday, because she wanted something to replace her manual citrus presser and she was suitably impressed.

Breville BJE200XL
Now, I put a lot of store by what my mother says which is why I’m recommending this Breville as the best budget juicer. It has a huge 3-inch chute which means you don’t have to cut fruit up into really tiny pieces to juice. My mother also loved the fact that it was super fast, probably due to its 700 watt motor, which she says juices in seconds.
However, over time, she found that beet stained the plastic housing, but really that’s her only complaint. Other than that, she is completely in love with it, although she thinks I spent quite a pretty penny on it. Of course, considering that a manual citrus press costs but a few bucks. I guess price really is relative? :)
Ceiling Juice
The first time she tried it, she didn’t quite know how to use it and didn’t cover the top like she was supposed to. Like me, she isn’t much of a fan of manuals! She was juicing mango chunks and bits flew up all over the place because the motor was so strong! My dad had to use a ladder to clean up the mess on the kitchen ceiling!
Anyway, she’s learned her lesson now and experiments with new combinations every day. She loves her budget Breville and I think if you were to get one, I’m sure you’d love it too! :)