Centrifugal Juicer

As one of the most affordable type of juicer, centrifugal juicer can be seen almost anywhere. The way this juicer produces juice is by simultaneously chopping up fruits or vegetables and spinning the produce at a very high speed. In effect, the juice is extracted from the pulp through centrifugal force.
Imagine a washing machine wringing wet clothes to relieve the clothes of excess water, and there you go! The pulp will remain in the strainer basket while the juice passes through the tiny holes in the basket. If you like to juice fruits and vegetables without exerting much strength, this is definitely a preferred choice. How do you choose one? Read my guide here: How to Choose the Best Centrifugal Juicer
centrifugal juicer reviews
1. Least expensive type of juicer
2. Easy to operate: excellent for beginners
3. Commonly found
4. Works effectively with a variety of fruits and vegetables
5. Quick juicing process
6. Easy to put together
1. Noisy
2. A lot of foam due to high-speed spinning
3. Ineffective when it comes to juicing leafy vegetables, wheat grass or sprouts
4. Juice contains less nutrients (lower quality), so the juice should be drunk immediately
5. Juice yield is less in comparison to masticating or triturating juicers
My Top Picks

Acme Juicerator Juice Extractor – Most Efficient Juicer

Acme Juicerator Juice Extractor
Touted as the most efficient juicer, this juicer was produced in mind for commercial kitchen quality. Produced years ago way back in the 1970’s, the brand is already well established. The sophisticated internal mechanisms and 550 watt motor ensures that you get what you pay for every time you juice. Undoubtedly, this horsepower can last you for years. So the benefits over the long run certainly outweigh the price that you have to fork out at the beginning. However, do take note that this juicer takes time to clean by hand since it has not been certified dishwasher safe.
While it is heavy, bulky and slightly noisy, consistent users would not really mind because they would prefer an effective juicer regardless of what ingredients you choose to throw in. The pulp that Acme juicer produces is one of the driest in comparison to what the other juicers produce in the market. Furthermore, the quality of the juice produced is miles better than those of the market. Great for big batches of juices, this is one juicer that should not be made as a white elephant. As they say, trying is believing. What are you waiting for?
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Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite Juicer – Best Juicer

Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice Extractor
Great for on-the-go busy people, this juicer juices at an incredibly fast and efficient speed while allowing for easy clean up. Even on weekdays, you can have your juices ready in a jiffy before going to work in the mornings. With a wide opening of 3 inches at the mouth, you also do not need to worry about cutting up the vegetables and/ or fruits into small bite size pieces.
Producing fresh juice, a cup of juice a day will certainly brighten up the start of your day. Best of all, this juicer leaves nothing to waste by making the most of the fruits and vegetables. With a stainless steel exterior, it is not only easy to maintain but also a looker as a great kitchen display.
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Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain Compact Chrome Extractor – Best Budget Juicer

Breville BJE200XL Juicer
For the budget-conscious, it might be worthwhile to take a look at this juicer. Great for those who only juices in small quantities, it is also a walk-in-the-park to clean this juicer; more so if you juiced fruits rather than vegetables. Even if you do not have a dishwasher, washing the equipments should only take you less than 3 minutes. Similarly, you do not have to be a juicer wizard to learn how to put it together and take it apart!
If you are quite particular about style, color and the look of the juicer, this wins hands down. Even if your kitchen counter do not have that much space to accommodate this juicer, do not worry because it is relatively compact! However, a word of caution as vegetables and smaller ingredients may not be properly juiced. So, think carefully about what you really want to juice before deciding on which type of juicer you would like to buy.
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My Quick Buying Guide:
1. Citrus juicer – A cheap and basic juicer that juices citrus fruits only. ($20 – $100)
2.Centrifugal juicer – The most common juicer around that juices most kinds of fruits and non-leafy vegetables. Very affordable at $50 – $200.
3. Masticating juicer – Single gear masticating juicer; juices most kinds of fruits and vegetables. Can also make mushy foods. ($100 – $350)
4. Triturating juicer – Twin gear triturating juicer; juices all kinds of fruits and vegetables, keeping more of the enzymes in the juice undamaged. Some of them can juice wheatgrass too. ($250 – $950)
5. Wheatgrass juicer – Usually juices wheatgrass only, but some newer models can juice fruits as well. ($200 – $800)