Champion Juicer

Champion Juicers are designed to produce the highest possible quality of juices from fruits and vegetables. With the many years of experience, the Champion Juicers is certainly a healthier alternative in making juices, nut butters, sorbets, smoothies and baby foods.
So what makes the Champion Juicer a champion? Well, first of would definitely be because of the quality and value insured in every pieces of this machinery. With a whopping 10 years of warranty, this juicer has absolutely captured the heart of many users in the market. Champion Juicers are manufactured in the United States for over 50 years long.
Designed with simplicity, this juicer also has a very easy operating system that could be mastered even for novices in no time! The large feeing chamber enables easy application and reduces preparation time by easing the need to cut the fruits and vegetable into smaller chunks. The versatility of this blender is just so amazingly good and superior; you will just need to get it to experience it yourself!
True to its advert, this blender was developed to yield the maximum amount of healthy juices with all the important nutrients in it. With the existence of the floating cutter, no intermittent cleaning is required as the juice is directly separated from the pulp when the juicing takes place. Here is my Champion Juicer Review:

Champion G5-PG710 or Champion G5-PG720

Champion G5-PG710 Juicer Review
If the Champion Juicer looks easy to use, it is! The power and durability of this juicer allows you to extract all the goodness from the fruits and vegetables and help you create simple yet creative recipes that meets with the daily recommended serving of fruits and vegetables.
For delicious, fresh vegetables or fruit juices, all you need is just the blender and, of course, the raw materials. There is no limit of vegetables that you could use as no alternating cleaning is required. It is indeed a very value to buy product even if the price of it is a tad bit higher than normal juicers in the market. This juicer will change your lifestyle and habit as it has certainly changed mine! Read more about this Champion G5 PG720 juicer review here.