How to Choose the Best Citrus Juicer

Here are a few things to think about when buying a citrus juicer:
Manual or electric?
Citrus juicers are either manual or electric. Manual ones are cheap, lightweight, easier to clean and store away than electric ones, and will probably never break, but are not suitable for elderly people or people who lack arm power to squeeze out the juice. Weighing the odds, it’s probably better to buy an electric one if you’re juicing regularly. Though beware that even a powerful electric juicer will overheat if you’re trying to juice a whole garden at once.
Is it easy to use?
You operate a citrus juicer by pressing the cut half of the fruit against the reamer cone, and either squeeze it by hand or let the motor do the work. Find out whether too much or too little pressure will stop the motor or make things difficult. In other words, you should check the sensitivity and power of the juicer.
Can it juice many kinds of citrus fruits?
New citrus juicers often include different sizes of reamer cones for you to juice fruits from small limes to large grapefruits. If you like variety in your juice diet, you should check whether your juicer gives you this versatility.
What about the pulp?
Some of us like pulp in the juice, some of us don’t. Not to worry, there is usually a strainer that collects the pulp and the seeds while the juice goes down to the container, so you can always add the pulp afterward if you like. Some citrus juicers even allow you to remove the strainer and let the pulp go down together with the juice, and this is great for pulp lovers because that means one less thing to clean up.
Is it easy to assemble, dissemble and clean up?
You’ll want assembly to be as simple as possible for fast juicing, cleaning up and storing it away. Are the parts dishwasher safe? Find a juicer that has as few parts to wash as possible.
Is it loud?
If it’s manual you don’t have to worry about noise, but some electric citrus juicers may be loud. If noise is a problem for you, find out about this before you buy the juicer so that you don’t regret it!
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