How to Choose the Best Vegetable Juicer

Vegetable juicers, namely the single gear and twin gear masticating juicers, are heavier and more substantial machines compared to your regular juicer. If you’re sure about getting one of these, go ahead and find out how to choose one.
Large Chute
Definitely get a vegetable juicer that features a large chute so that you save preparation time not having to cut the vegetables into small pieces first.
Low Speed
Find out whether the juicer creates a lot of foam when juicing. A good single gear or twin gear masticating juicer should operate at low speed so that there is little or no foam. Also, when the juicer works at low speed, it will not heat up easily, and the nutrients will be retained in the juice.
Easy to Assemble and Clean up
I still haven’t found a single gear or twin gear juicer that is easier to clean up than my Breville, but any juicer should not be so difficult to assemble or clean up that you have to spend more time at it than preparing the juice.
Dry Pulp
A good vegetable juicer should make the most of the veggies or fruits. There shouldn’t be juice left in the pulp.
Able to Make Other Food Stuff
Since you’ve invested so much in the juicer, it might as well be able to perform well in other tasks that it claims to do, such as making nut butters, pasta and so on.
Wheatgrass Juicing
Some of the single gear or twin gear juicers can juice wheatgrass too, but not all are efficient. If you like to drink wheatgrass as well, I recommend the Omega J8005.
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I have also recommended several good models of masticating juicers, hope you’ll find the best vegetable juicer for your diet! :)