Cuisinart CCJ-500 Pulp Control Citrus Juicer

This juicer may not look like it but it is really very simple to operate and clean up afterwards. Its brushed stainless steel body makes it look more sophisticated than it really is; definitely going to look good in any kitchen.
No More Wasted Juice!
This citrus juicer is what it says it is, a juicer only for citrus fruits. It has a reamer cone on top for reaming out the juice and works as simply as pressing halves of fruits down on it. The reamer will then spin out the juice and then when you lift up the fruit and press down again, it spins in the reverse direction to get more juice out. What is left in the rind is nothing but the rind. The whole process takes about…20 seconds?
What I think is the best feature with this citrus juicer is its final spin function. You can actually spin out juice from the pulp! I’m sure everyone hates waste and this is going to minimize it. This works by covering up the reamer and pressing down on the cover. There is usually quite a lot of juice left in the pulp and you can have the satisfaction of seeing it coming down the juice spout.
Clean Up is Easier than Juicing
Remember to drink your juice immediately before going on to clean up your juicer! Citrus fruit juice oxidize pretty quickly so you will get more goodness out of it by enjoying the freshly squeezed juice.
Cleaning up is very simple once you figured out which parts are to be taken out and cleaned. There are only three in any case: the reamer, juice catcher and cover. To clean them, you just have to lift them out (the reamer rotates out) and the dishwasher can do the rest. Or you can hand rinse them if you like. It would take less time to clean up than to juice a tall glass of neat juice, when you think about it.
This citrus juicer is not at all expensive at less than $30, though still slightly more than the Black & Decker model my girlfriend has. It’s still worth the price because it gets more juice from the pulp. The power is good enough to juice 10 oranges at once, so don’t worry that it’s going to run down with the amount of juicing you do.
As for the noise some people have been complaining about, I can’t see why it should be a problem, because my blender and even my vacuum cleaner is louder than it, and both of those are comparatively quiet models.
If you drink only citrus fruit juice and want to find a juicer that gets more juice out of the fruit, this is the citrus juicer for you. Get the Cuisinart CCJ-500 now while you’re doing Christmas shopping because you can then get free shipping with your combined purchases. It’s a great deal!