Different Juice Diets

If you have been in the health food circuit for as long as I have, then you’ll know that there’s always a new type of diet out there. Even as there have been diets like the South Beach diet and the Atkins diet and of course, Weight Watchers, here are some diets that have proven popular with juicers all over the world who want to detoxify their bodies, lose a few pounds, or simply tone up and be more healthy.
The Raw Diet
People on this diet eat everything raw because they believe that cooking food kills all enzymes and nutrients present in food. They are more likely to use expensive single gear masticating juicers because these slow speed juicers do not heat up the juice and kill nutrients. They augment their solid raw food with vegetable and fruit juices for a change of palate.
The Juice Diet/ Juice Fasting
People on this diet actually only drink juice the entire time. It cannot be done long-term, but usually is used on a short-term basis of about a day or two to detoxify the body and boost energy levels. The juice must be balanced and pulpy, so it is actually a mix of liquefied raw fruit and vegetables.
Master Cleanse/ Lemon Cleanse/ Maple Syrup Diet
This is a detoxification diet which is meant to be used only for a week or so (short-term, basically) and consists of a diet of only lemonade made from fresh limes or lemons (hence the need for a citrus juicer), maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water. While some people use this diet to lose weight, in general this diet is a detox diet which helps remove dangerous toxins from the body.