Juicer Cleaning – Not a Chore?

As I have a busy lifestyle, I don’t have the time to deal with all the mess of a huge clean up when the time comes. After I finish juicing my morning juice, I drink up and then I’m out of the house faster than you can say Tropical Fruit Juice.
Manual juicing – A thing of the past
I think technology has come a long way from the days when my mom used to use a citrus press to make fresh orange juice in the morning. Not only a time-consuming chore while she was juicing, but messy to clean up after as well. And watching her as I used to, inevitably the clean up process went directly to me.
I vowed that when my turn came, I would buy an electronic juicer, one that was dishwasher safe so I would never have to waste time cleaning up after the juicing was done.
And I did.
Yes. So wonderful it is to have a juicer with compartments that are dishwasher safe. Saves me so much time. I’ve realized that even when looking for juicers that are easy to clean, there are good and then there are better ones. The better ones are the ones designed with ergonomics in mind, and ease of use. Those with easier to remove parts that don’t require much fiddling around to get loose.
So my advice is to get a juicer that is easy to clean, like a dishwasher-safe juicer, especially if its parts can be easily removed and the pulp quickly thrown away. After all, my girlfriend likes it that way too.