Norman Walker: The Guy Who Juiced First

My girlfriend always says that I totally juice like a man. And I’m inclined to agree. However, even as we were talking about how I always seem to push fruit down the chute too hard for its own good (in the long run, it spoils the juicer), I bet her 50 bucks that the inventor of the juicer was a man. Needless to say, we got onto Google pretty fast and I made some quick money. :)
Norman Walker was an Italian. A minister’s son, their entire family migrated to America when he was 24 to become a naturalized American citizen 8 years later in 1918. He was an astute businessman and one of the first founders of that art we now know as juicing.
Raw Food and Juice? 
As a vegan, he recommends drinking raw fruit and vegetable juices as being beneficial to one’s health, particularly the colon. He’s credited with making the first juicer, called the Norwalk juicer, and was one of the first people in America to open a juice bar and offer a variety of different juices to cleanse, detoxify and provide nutrition.
He ate a raw food diet supplemented with lots of juice every day of his life and died peacefully at the age of 99, in Arizona. This bet was a bet I’m so glad I won, because now I know that if I keep up this healthy habit, and live a healthier lifestyle (still have to work on that though!), I could leave earth just like Norman Walker, peacefully, in my sleep, at a ripe old age! :)