Omega VRT330 Dual-Stage Vertical Single-Auger Low-Speed Juicer

The Omega VRT330 is a newer single masticating juicer model from Omega than the J8006, with a smaller footprint, taller body and generally nicer looks, in my opinion.

Omega VRT330 Dual-Stage Vertical Single-Auger Low-Speed Juicer
This is also a low speed juicer that gets a lot more juice out of the fruits than citrus and centrifugal juicers, and most people like this kind of juicer because it retains the nutrients in the juice. The low speed also meant that the fruits go through less heat and oxidization in the process, and the juice that comes out tastes much better.
“When I took my first sip of carrot juice I could tell the difference immediately. I couldn’t figure out how to describe it though, it’s both juice from a carrot, how can one taste so different…The juice from the centrifugal machines taste as if it was watered down compared to the juice from the Omega Vert. When I took my first sip of apple juice, there was no comparisons, the taste was so crisp and fresh, actually like taking a bite from an apple. I was amazed at the difference.” – Jimmy Morelli
The Omega VRT330 is quite sturdily built, feels heavy and happily for its buyers, covered by full warranty for 10 years. I think that this will make more people feel better for paying the price – which is not exactly cheap – than just having a great juicer that works for a couple years.
The reason I didn’t buy this juicer is because I’m always on the go. I can’t be bothered to cut up fruits and veggies more than once or twice (so I need a larger feed tube). The washing time for this juicer is quick though. The pulp ejecting feature saves you time and running clear water through once or twice after juicing will make cleaning easier. Only one part needs to be brushed afterward.