Strange Fruit Juices

Have you ever heard of the Noni fruit? Or the Himalayan goji? How about the mangosteen (Tried this one before though!)? Well, neither have I. Until I was surfing online for juice recipe ideas, and found these fruit online. Apparently they have super nutritional benefits and are gaining popularity the world over.
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This is Himalayan goji. They are small berries that grow in the Himalayas (duh!). Anyway, these berries are so prized because they are very high in antioxidants, which reverse the effects of saturated fats in our diet. You can find these in various forms in Asian supermarkets, as Asians have been aware of their health properties for quite some time. Add goji to your homemade juice for an antioxidant boost like no other!
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Noni grows in tropical climates and can be found in Tahiti, Indonesia and other tropical countries. It’s also known as the cheese fruit and tastes bitter. However, it’s really high in vitamin C, and is really good for you. If you’re bored of normal juice, add Tahitian noni juice into your juice concoctions for that tropical twist.
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My last strange fruit is the mangosteen. My girlfriend says it looks pretty cute, and I personally have tried it in Asia and it tastes really great. Very sweet and tangy. I haven’t been able to make juice out of them myself because you can’t just feed these into a juicer, but I have bought mangosteen juice before and mixed it into my normal juice mix. Reminds me of holidays under the sun! :)
So go ahead and try adding some strange fruit into your home made juicer juice. Nice. :)