Tribest Citrus Juicer

If you are really into citrus juice, and the cheap citrus juicers are just not powerful enough for you, maybe the Tribest Citrus Juicer will make you really happy.

Tribest Citrus Juicer
This could have the most powerful motor I’ve seen on an electric citrus juicer yet. Me and my girlfriend, we were very into citrus juicers when we were in college, because poor college students like us couldn’t afford expensive juicers like centrifugal or masticating juicers!
The Tribest Citrus Juicer can juice an orange quite fast, which is good because you know how fast citrus juices oxidize due to their very high vitamin C content. I saw this juicer in a sale and the salesman was demonstrating how to juice. He juiced an orange in a few seconds!
I remember the time my girlfriend held a party and she tried to make lemonade for 20 people. I bet she’d wish she had this juicer instead of her Black & Decker then, though the B&D is half the price of this one.
The stainless steel strainer keeps the pulp and seeds away from the juice, but some pulp still gets into the juice, which is nice because eating some pulp is good for your body fiber content. And pulp is what makes the juice tasty and natural!
The reamers come in two sizes for different citrus fruits – the smaller one for lemons and limes and the bigger one for oranges and grapefruits. And there’s an attachment on the spout that stops the juice from dripping when you want to change glasses. However, I note from other reviews that this feature tend to break easily.
I guess at this kind of price you can’t get everything to be perfect. It’s more powerful than others, fast, easy to use and clean, and it’s only $39! So what more can you ask for, really?