Triturating Juicer

Thinking of getting an all rounder? A twin gear triturating juicer would be your best choice. This monster works with almost any fruits and vegetables, albeit comes at the highest price relative to other types. It grinds, crushes and pounds everything you feed it into fine particles and extract all the juice from the pulp. It works using twin gear interlocking each other and rotates inwards, virtually crushing anything you put it into dry pulp. It can even be used for leafy items and as a kitchen food mill. With it, oxidation of the juice nutrients is kept minimal and foam formed is near absent. Here is my guide on how to choose the best vegetable juicer.
twin gear juicer
  • Highest yield of all types of juicers. The gears simply squeeze out every bit of juice.
  • Powerful. It can crush harder fruits such as guavas. Seeds are crushed and with their veiled nutrients juiced.
  • Versatile. Can be use to juice almost anything from watermelon to carrot and to wheatgrass and herbs.
  • Twin gear triturating juicer also preserves the maximum amount of nutrients in the juices, preventing them from being oxidized by atmospheric oxygen.
  • Least foam produced in juice.
  • Silent operation
  • Most expensive type of juicer.
  • Slower juicing. Feeding chute is generally smaller to prevent fast-feeding hence more patience is needed when dealing with it.
  • Heavy. One typical unit usually weighs more than 7kg.
  • Complex assembles. This type of juicer is not suitable for beginners due to the complication when fixing the gears.

Green Power Juicer – Model KPE 1304

Green Power Juicer - Model KPE 1304
Are you searching for a juicier than will produce the most healthiest juice? Green Power Juicer – Model KPE 1304 is just what you need. Green Power Juicer – Model KPE 1304 provides a great route to improve your diets and nutrition. The most unique feature of this juicer is its twin gear and new bio-ceramic and magnetic technology. This technology naturally prolongs the storage time and freshness by ionizing your juice and prevent oxidation. Rather than juicing two, sometimes three times per day like other conventional juicers, you can prepare your juice once in the morning and store it for up to 72 hours! Besides, its twin gears have the power to apparently crush anything into pulps and juice, even leafy items cannot escape the grip of the twin gears. Even though, it has a relatively larger feeding chute bulky item will not clog the powerful gears, instead they will crush it with sheer force. The juice produced also has lesser precipitate and the juicer itself is incredibly easy to cleanup.
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My Quick Buying Guide:
1. Citrus juicer – A cheap and basic juicer that juices citrus fruits only. ($20 – $100)
2. Centrifugal juicer – The most common juicer around that juices most kinds of fruits and non-leafy vegetables. Very affordable at $50 – $200.
3. Masticating juicer – Single gear masticating juicer; juices most kinds of fruits and vegetables. Can also make mushy foods. ($100 – $350)
4.Twin gear triturating juicer – Juices all kinds of fruits and vegetables, keeping more of the enzymes in the juice undamaged. Some of them can juice wheatgrass too. ($250 – $950)
5. Wheatgrass juicer – Usually juices wheatgrass only, but some newer models can juice fruits as well. ($200 – $800)