Waring Health Juice Extractors

Waring Health Juice Extractors is considered good value for the sleek looks and the price you pay. After all, living the healthy way by juicing fruits and vegetables does not need to cost much. This juicer has a 400 watt motor making the extraction process efficient and painless.

Waring Health Juice Extractors
Great Features
One of the highlights about Waring Health Juice Extractors is the convenient clean-up. From the compact strainer, pulp collector, lid to the juice collector, they are all dishwasher safe. Finish by wiping the stainless-steel body clean with a sponge.
Consumer Search has noted that many users commented that the stainless steel housing will not stain. So, do not worry as it will not turn orange with time even if you juice carrots everyday. Some users dislike the noise when it is juicing but this juicer juices so fast that it would hardly be an annoyance long enough to anyone in the house!
However, some reviewers said that the pulp is not completely dry especially when you are juicing soft fruits but the one-litre collection cup is adequate for their needs. Another minor complaint is that you might need to buy a stiff brush separately to clean the cutter.
Although there is a lack of professional reviews, many users have given their two cents worth onWaring Health Juice Extractors. For its relatively low price, this juicer will serve you well if you prefer light-duty juicing and are not the hardcore juicer. Even if the motor breaks down, you can rely on the five-year limited warranty but do note that the appliances are subject to a one-year limited warranty.