Best Juicer – Introduction

Hello guys! How’s life? My name is Janavi and I’m just your average guy on the street. I’m living with my girlfriend and she’s pretty much a health freak. Recently she really got into making her own health food stuff, and juice was one of them.
She really got into juicing and as a result, I got into it too. We have a great juicer (a Breville Elite!) at home and spend lots of time concocting new juice varieties with greater health benefits than your run-of-the-mill supermarket juice.
I think we’re both a lot healthier now, because the benefits of making your own juice at home are just enormous. I love making my own juice combinations in the comfort of my own kitchen and I love how positively it has affected my lifestyle. I have more energy now, I don’t crave for sugary, unhealthy food, and I’ve lost weight to boot! Even my skin is thanking me for the change in my diet because I don’t have adult acne anymore. At my age, it used to be pretty embarrassing to always have a new zit somewhere or other on my face.
Anyway, I’m so convinced about the benefits of making your own juice at home that I want you guys to share my excitement, so I’ve written a few articles to tell you all you need to know to start juicing at home!
Juicer Types
I also wrote something about the different types of juicers out there, because Breville, Black & Decker and Omega all come out with their own types of juicers which might get confusing to somebody looking to buy a juicer at a store, or even online. Not to mention all the other types of juicers out there. And trust me, there are quite a few of them around!
Did you know there are 5 varieties in total?
  1. Citrus Juicers
  2. Centrifugal Juicers
  3. Single Gear Masticating Juicers
  4. Twin Gear Triturating Juicers
  5. Wheatgrass Juicers
That’s a lot of juicers to go through. Seriously. But my guide might help you make that decision, because I’ve explained what type of juicer costs how much, is used particularly to make what kind of juice and you can be your own judge as to the efficacy of any of the juicer types that I’ve mentioned!
The Stuff You Need to Know
Besides reviews and initial information, I’ve also written some stuff about juicer that I think no would-be juicer should miss out on.
For instance, I’ve written a short history about how the juicer came into fruition (pun intended!) when it was created by a guy named Norman Walker who lived to a healthy old age mainly because of his juicing habit.
Other than that, I think you need to know how to wash you juicer properly to keep it running in tip top shape, which is why I’ve written up a little something to help you clean your juicer once you bring it home from the store and start juicing regularly.
What with the amount of talk we hear nowadays about the importance of nutrition and balance in our daily diets, I’ve also written up a little something about my experiences of juicing vegetables for the uninitiated among us who’d like to try their hands at juicing vegetables instead of the usual fruit. It really is becoming common to add carrots, celery, watercress, beet, parsley, ginger and other types of vegetables into your fruit juice concoctions.
Strange Stuff
Speaking of vegetables and other strange things to make juice out of, I’ve also looked for strange and exotic fruit to make my morning juice fixes more interesting. Orange juice can only get you so far every day, right? :)
If you want to know about what you can add to give your juice that tropical kick, go ahead and read about strange fruits that I’m sure you’ll definitely want to try after this. :)
Tips. Shhh.
You know you want to know. Secrets of the trade. Or rather, secrets of the juicer. I’ve made many a glass of juice in my day, so of course I picked up some tips to make my life easier and my juice tastier, without compromising on nutritional content.
It’s really amazing to find out so many things about juicing when you actually start, so I’m passing on my hard-earned knowledge to you specially because I want more people to lead a healthier, “juicier” lifestyle (my girlfriend cringed when I typed that but I’m definitely not removing it. It’s true!).
Juicers. Love ‘em, hate ‘em, they’re here to stay.
I love juicing, and it’s brought me so many wonderful memories. Images of my girlfriend’s face splattered with banana puree because she forgot to close the top of the juicer come to mind. :)
But jokes aside, juicing is amazingly healthy and really delicious, so I feel absolutely compelled to share what little knowledge I have with anybody who cares to read it. Enjoy! :)