How to Choose Your Juicer

There are tons of juicers out there on the market. Really, to know what you want to buy is easier said than done. There’s just so much choice. There are some things you can look for when buying your juicer that will help you in making a decision however. :) Let me tell you.
The Price of Juicing
What are you willing to spend? Price really makes a difference because there are some great cheap juicers out there and some great expensive ones but so many mediocre ones as well. Know what you want or else you’ll be plonking down a few hundred on the counter to get a huge contraption you’re very likely not to be using very much.
Features of Your New Juicer
Weigh the pros and cons of your choice carefully before committing. Check whether it’s dishwasher safe to ensure easy clean up and the likelihood that it will actually be used regularly rather than relegated to a cupboard shelf like most kitchen appliances. Check how much juice it can make at any one time, the speed and motor and the noise level when it starts making juice. Also check the speed of the juicer because a slow speed juicer kills fewer enzymes in the juice due to less heat, which makes for more nutritional juice.
If you remember all these tips, you’re so much closer to buying your perfect juicer, completely suited to your households’ needs. :)