How to Juice Veg

For a guy, I have a pretty sweet tooth. Also, even though I like vegetables in general, the first time my girlfriend tried to put celery in my morning juice, I balked. It tasted so weird!
Anyway, she tried to make it a more palatable experience for me. And I’m glad she did, and she persevered because I was like a little kid who literally wouldn’t drink his vegetables.
How do I start?
First things first. Make sure that your juicer is able to handle veg. Normal citrus juicers aren’t designed to handle juicing leaves, so investing in a good juicer is really important. A good veg juicer will likely use a grinding mechanism or centrifugal force to squeeze as much juice out of your veg as possible.
What veg?
Carrots, beets, celery, cucumber, ginger, dandelion leaves, kale, parsley, tomatoes, pumpkin, turnip and garlic are all used for juice. Take note that some combinations taste weirder than others. Trust me, I know. My girlfriend made me try them!
Only these veg can be used for making juice, as not all veg can be used, unlike fruits. Seriously, can you imagine drinking potato juice? Not good at all. So use common sense when buying veg for juicing.
It tastes really gross. How do I get it down? 
You have to get used to the taste, and it really is an acquired one. I’d say you should start with carrot juice, and tomato juice and see if that grows on you. When drinking veg juice, always bear in mind that they’re veg so that your palate is ready for the surprising taste.
Work your way up, and soon you’ll be drinking celery, cucumber, beetroot concoctions in no time!